PROMOTION – Window Tinting Summer Discount

PROMOTION – Window Tinting Summer Discount

Window Tint Promotion

Window Tinting Summer Discount SAVE $50 – $100

ClimatePro™ is proud to partner with 3M window films and offer our residential customers a manufacturer’s instant rebate on their window tinting installations for the month of May. This is an instant rebate for all home window tinting projects that have 3M™ Prestige window tinting and 3M™ Night Vision window tinting products installed on their homes.

Window Tinting Promotion Details

VALID DATES: May 1, 2013 – May 31, 2013
VALID PRODUCTS: 3M Prestige 70, 60 50, 40 and 3M Night Vision 35, 25, 15
VALUE: $100 Rebate for 3M Prestige; $50 Rebate for 3M Night Vision
TERMS: Minimum 100 square feet purchased

What You Need To Know

Window tinting is one of the best energy efficiency upgrades you can make to your home. Along with the added energy savings window film provides other benefits too. Window film eliminates unwanted hot spots in different areas of your home, adds safety and security to your home, and helps prevent against fading of your valuable furnishings.

Window film is safe to use on almost every kind of window and comes with a lifetime residential warranty. This means your window film will never bubble, peel or discolor. It’s also important to know that window film for your home is much different then window film used on automobiles. In fact, residential window films are so clear they are hardly noticeable once installed. This allows you to maintain your views and decided how much light to allow into a room. Basically, window film is like “sunscreen for your home”.

Questions ?

Contact ClimatePro™ for any questions you may have about this window tinting promotion. Hurry offer expires May 31, 2013.