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Protect Your Furniture and Floors With Window Film

A San Francisco home protected with 3M Prestige 70 window film by ClimatePro

Can window film help to prevent fading? Can it prolong the life of your flooring, furniture, and art? Yes, it can! For this homeowner in San Francisco, we installed 3M Prestige 70 window film throughout their lovely home. It offers many benefits, including UV protection. How does 3M Prestige 70 prevent fading and protect your floors and furnishings?

Window Film Protects Floors and Furniture

UV rays are very damaging. These powerful rays break apart the molecular bonds that hold fabrics and other materials together. This breakdown takes place over time. You've probably seen this process in action if you have wood floors with rugs. If you allow sunlight to stream through unprotected windows, the sun will fade the part of the floor that is not covered with a rug. The rug itself will show signs of fading, as will any art on the walls.

The cost to repair sun-damaged floors can be, on average, $1800. That's just flooring. The cost of replacing faded furniture and art can be even higher. Window film helps to filter out UV rays. In fact, 3M Window Film can prevent up to 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays from entering your home. It's a wise investment, one that many San Francisco Bay Area homeowners have made. Even if you don't have direct sunlight, you still need UV protection. UV rays can bounce off solid surfaces and right onto your furnishings. The sun is powerful and sneaky! 

Are you ready to protect your furniture and floor with window film? Let the ClimatePro team help. Our process is simple. You'll get a free estimate from one of our trained window film professionals. They'll help you to find the right film for your home. Our installation team is fast, efficient, and well-reviewed. In no time, you'll have a more sun-protected home.

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A San Francisco home protected with 3M Prestige 70 window film by ClimatePro


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