Reduce Glare and UV Damage with Window Film in San Francisco

Reduce Glare and UV Damage with Window Film in San Francisco

Reduce Glare and UV Damage with Window Film in San Francisco. Get a free estimate from ClimatePro.

Do you need window film for your San Francisco Bay Area home in the fall and winter? Yes, there are compelling reasons to consider installing window film during cooler months. Here are some details to consider.

Many people usually associate window film with providing relief during the summer season. However, during winter, problems related to glare and intense sunlight may become more pronounced. We end up staying home more during the cooler months. Those indoor hours may help a homeowner see how much glare enters the home. Glare makes using computers, phones, and tablets a challenge.

Additionally, UV rays always flow through windows, no matter the season. Since most Bay Area homes have windows, this can cause fading to flooring, furniture, art, and textiles. Is there a solution to alleviate glare, harsh light, and UV rays and improve home comfort while preserving outdoor views? The answer is yes, but first, let’s understand why this issue can be worsened during winter.

One reason is that the sun is in a lower position in the sky during these months. This means that sunlight may shine directly into your windows instead of at a more overhead angle during the summer. Also, the absence of leaves on trees in the fall and winter may eliminate natural shade, intensifying glare issues. What can window film do to help with these issues?

3M Window films can effectively reduce glare, UV rays, and heat while still allowing you to maintain the view outside. In fact, much like a premium pair of sunglasses, the innovative technology within modern window film enhances your views by eliminating harsh light and glare, which in turn allows your eyes to relax. This can transform your home into a more comfortable environment. As for UV rays, 3M Window Film reduces UV rays significantly, preserving the life of your interiors.

Like we did for the San Francisco home you see in this post, the ClimatePro team can help you to create a comfortable and protected home. Get a free estimate by calling us at (707) 569-9098 or get started online here.