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Safety and Security Interior Films for Berkeley CA

Safety and Security Interior Films for Berkeley CA

Add a reliable layer of protection with safety and security interior films. We installed this unique window tint on a series of very small windows in an office Berkeley, CA. With a variety of options available, why would a business choose safety frost film? Here are two reasons.

What Safety and Security Films Can Do

This particular window film has a unique antifragmentation property. This means that, if the window is shattered, the film is designed to hold fragments in place. What are the benefits? First, by holding the broken glass in place, the window film protects your employees from physical harm. The glass fragments are held secure, which means no one will be cut by the sharp debris. Secondly, this tough window film serves as a protective measure against theft and break-ins. Any potential intruder will find the window film difficult to destroy, giving any other security measures time to work, including alarms and law enforcement.

Safe and Stylish Too

Besides the safety features, frosted safety and security films add a touch of style to your office space. It also protects your occupants from glare, which can make computer use difficult. Frosted films reduce the amount of direct light, which also contributes to lower cooling costs. Lastly, frosted window film can dramatically reduce UVA rays, those harmful rays from the sun that contribute to aging and fading.

ClimatePro - Your Frosted Safety Film Pros

CliamtePro has been installing window films for over 40 years, including safety and security interior films. We can help you choose the right film for your home or office. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley, Napa, Oakland,  San Francisco, and San Jose. With offices in North Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose, we can be reached at 707-755-7337. Or get a free estimate here.

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