Window Tinting Benefits: A Safe and More Secure Home

Window Tinting Benefits: A Safe and More Secure Home

Safety window films are designed to help hold glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass. They’re also designed to protect your home and your family from threats such as break-ins and severe weather events. Because these films help hold the glass together, a stronger barrier is created.

Up to 42 micro-layers thick,  3M™ Ultra Series films are tough and tear-resistant. These films deliver superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events while yet maintaining a high level of optical clarity.

Diagram-Safe-Glass-Break_380x4802Protect against burglars

Safety and security window films create a protective barrier against smash and grab theft. The window film is a deterrent and makes it extremely difficult to break in.

Advanced attachment systems

This combination system attaches the filmed window to the window frame, creating a robust shield that significantly outperforms window film-only systems.

With these films,  you’ll block heat and reduce hot spots and damaging UV rays while also helping to hold glass together during break-ins or severe weather.

3M Ultra S600 Safety Window Film

In this demonstration, it takes a full 45 seconds to break through the glass door with the 3M™ Safety Security Film Ultra S600 installed on the glass. This product is intended to deter break-ins by impeding unwanted entry.

Usage Scenarios

3M safety window films can be used in various applications such as schools, retail, businesses, homes, and government. It’s cost-effective, easily applied over any existing glazing, and most importantly, safety window films are highly effective.

  • Schools – A cost-effective way to help protect your schools.
  • Buildings – Secure your operations and increase security.
  • Retail – Protect your valuable inventory and reduce risk.
  • Homes – Protect your family and your home.

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