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Sun Control Window Tint for Oakland, CA

Sun Control Window Tint for Oakland, CA

Is sun control window tint a good choice for Oakland, CA residents? Yes, it is! Actually, window film that controls the sun is also good for the rest of the year too. Did you know that Oakland weather fluctuates between 44°F to 75°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 85°F?  No matter the temperature, the right window tint can have tremendous benefits. For this project, we used 3M Prestige 70 window film. Can 3M Prestige window film work for your home? Let's see.

Sun Control Window Tint for Oakland, CAWhy Choose 3M Prestige Window Film

This client's lovely home needed to have better glare and UVA protection. That's why they chose 3M Prestige 70 window film.  What are the benefits of this popular film? With its patented nanotech-incorporating layers, this metal-free film reduces the amount of heat that enters your home during the summer months. This means that you can better control internal temperatures while not compromising on sunshine.  Your energy bill will be lower too. What about during the cooler months? We'll you'll want to let whatever sunshine you can get during those wet and colder months in the Bay Area. 3M Prestige 70 allows you to keep the curtains wide open without worrying about UVA rays affecting your family or furnishings. Sun fading is a real problem in the Bay Area, and window film reduces the chances that your belongings will suffer from it. There are so many other benefits to using this window film. Download more info here. You also get a comprehensive warranty, backed by 3M.

The Benefits of Sun Control Window Tint

We believe that your Oakland home deserves the best sun control window tint. The ClimatePro team is happy to help you find the right window tinting for your home or office. Our friendly customer services team, industrious estimators, and hard-working installers are the best in the business. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll help you get started. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland. Reached us at 707-755-7337.

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