Tech We Love: Control Everything with Nod

Tech We Love: Control Everything with Nod

Nod_Glamour shot

Both Jeremy and I are tech nerds, so we love to find new and exciting technology to share. This little number is called
Nod and has the potential to change the way we interact with the technology we have in our worlds.

According to their press release, “Nod serves as a universal controller, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with all of the smart devices in your connected life, including phones, tablets, Google Glass, watches, home appliances, TVs, computers and more.” Designed to be worn on your index finger (although the website states that it can be worn on any finger that is comfortable for the wearer), the Nod ring packs a lot of tech into a very small space. Designed to work with all of you iStuff and a host of other well-known tech devices, this might just be the perfect way to use the best tool ever created, your fingers, in a whole new way. Learn more about Nod here. They’re taking preorders now, with delivery expected in the fall. What do you think: would you use it?