The Top 5 Window Tint Companies in the SF Bay Area

The Top 5 Window Tint Companies in the SF Bay Area

Top 5 Window Tinting Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

Consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area who are looking for window film have a few choices. Window film (or window tinting) is a product that has proven to be very popular here, from Napa to San Jose. When looking for professionally installed window film, it’s important for customers to consider the brands offered, the installation process and the customer service reputation of any company used.

From time to time, we’ve been asked by customers about the other window film companies in the Bay Area. Since we try to answer any question we receive from our customers, below you will find a list of the top 5 window tinting companies in the San Francisco Bay area.

Truthfully, ClimatePro is one of a handful of companies that have established itself in the area and many of us go to the same window film conferences and read the same industry magazines. We know many of these business leaders and have even shared recommendations to our customers to use their services, specifically when it comes to automotive window tinting. (See a list of the Top 5 Auto Tinting Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area here.)

Top 5 Window Tinting Companies

Solar Art

Founded in 1985, Solar art has four offices in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. They recently expanded their operation into Seattle as well.  SolarArt is a full-service window tinting provider with services including the installation of decorative and security window film, wall murals, and window graphics.

DayStar Window Tinting

DayStar is a family-owned business, run by Mark and Kimberly Rascon. In the window tinting business for over 30 years, DayStar services all the major cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. They use window films from a variety of companies, including Madico and offer window film for commercial and residential customers, as well as auto window film.

Window Works

Window Works has 3 locations and offers window tinting services in New York, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. They are a 3M Prestige window film dealer and work with both commercial and residential customers.

Window Innovations

Window Innovations is another San Francisco Bay Area window film installation company with over 20 years of experience. This family-owned company offers window tinting services for both commercial and residential customers.

The Tint Guys

The Tint Guys are another family-owned window tinting company, based in San Carlos. Their service area includes San Francisco and the Peninsula. Like the rest of the top window tinting companies, they too offer services for commercial and residential customers.

We hope you find this guide to the top window tinting companies helpful. Want to learn more about ClimatePro’s award-wining window film services? Get a free estimate here or use our new film selector tool to find the best film for your home or office.