Three Design Uses for Home Window Film from This Old House Magazine

Three Design Uses for Home Window Film from This Old House Magazine

We came across an article recently from This Old House Magazine that was titled “12 Surprising Design Uses for Window Film and Appliqués“. From the article, we wanted to share our four favorite design uses for home window film that you might be interested in.

03 window film 3 e1524251597788 270x300 1Mimic the Look of Etched Glass

Acid-etched glass—which became popular in the mid-1800s as a way to shield bar patrons from view—elevates a plain front door. While actually acid etching a piece of glass can be expensive and is not reversible, decorative home window film can mimic the look of acid-etched glass for a fraction of the price. You can either cover the entire window or have a decorative design as pictured. This is a great way to give your house a high-end custom feel without the cost you might be expecting.

Provide Shade for Charming Windows and Doors

07 window film 300x300 280x280 1As seen in our Save This Old House column, ornate trim is a major selling point of fixer-uppers. When photographer Melissa and her husband purchased a 130-year-old Italianate, in Hudson, Wisconsin, they wanted to keep the focus on the gracious antique windows while preventing sunlight from damaging the refinished floors. So they opted for sun-control film to let the windows and the landscape they frame take center stage.

There are a large variety of darknesses and shades to select from to fit nearly any situation and desired effect. An additional benefit of this film can be lower utility bills by reducing how hard your air conditioning needs to work to keep your home comfortable.

12 window film 3 300x200 280x187 1Give a Shower Door Some Privacy

An expansive glass shower may have been a great design statement for a couple to make but now that it’s become a shared family bath—not so much. Make morning prep more private with a decorative home window film. These films come in a large variety of looks and designs to fit nearly any decor.

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