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What's The Difference Between Frosted Glass and Frosted Window Film?

What's the difference between frosted glass and frosted film?Have you ever wondered what the difference is between frosted glass and window frosted film? With decorative window films and treatments becoming more popular, it’s good for our customers to understand the difference between these two options. What exactly is frosted glass? What is frosted window film? Which is the best choice for your home or office? Let’s see.

What's the difference between frosted glass and frosted film?

What are Frosted Glass Windows?

Frosted glass is a permanent decorative solution. Why do we use the word ‘permanent’? The truth is that frosted glass has either a textured surface or the frosted element is within the glass itself. This means that whatever frosted effect you see on the glass is not going away. 

What's the difference between frosted glass and frosted film?

What is Frosted Window Film?

What is frosted window film? It is a type of window film that is installed directly onto a glass window. It can be customized with an almost endless range of options. From gradients to patterns, there is a myriad of options; more than frosted glass. Also, it can easily be removed if need be with no damage to the glass surface. 

The 3M Frost series is a great option for those looking for frosted film. Offering various levels of privacy, this is a great choice for both residential and commercial applications. Another would be custom decorative films. With decorative films, the sky is the limit when it comes to the type of designs you can choose. You can have frosted film in a variety of patterns and designs.

What's the difference between frosted glass and frosted film?

ClimatePro - The Easy Choice

The ClimatePro team has been installing frosted film in homes and offices for over 40 years. We even have a team ready to create custom designs. Ready to get started? Have questions? Give us a call at 707-755-7337. You can also get a free consultation here.

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