Whiteboard Film, Create Unique Writeable Surfaces

Whiteboard Film, Create Unique Writeable Surfaces

Its A Whiteboard But On Every Surface Imaginable With Whiteboard Film.

A whiteboard is a staple in every business, its a simple place to write thoughts and notes down to share with others. Normal whiteboards take up lots of dedicated space, making for uninteresting and uninspiring working areas. Whiteboard films allow the use of otherwise wastes areas and turns them into creative note taking areas.

3M has invented a whiteboard material that can be applied to almost any surface. It can be installed on many flat surfaces and some curved surfaces such as walls, tables, glass, acrylic surfaces even can be used to refurbish an old large worn out whiteboard.

Whiteboard films are cost effective compared to traditional whiteboards or whiteboard paints. Also, installation is relatively easy with 3M advanced adhesive technology.

Whiteboard films can be applied to glass to create dynamic writing surfaces on plain clear glass.

Whiteboard Film Benefits

  • Use as an interior finishing material in offices, commercial facilities, hospitals, community housing and other locations.
  • Two finish types available for installation on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Meets U.S. building regulations for flammability resistance
  • Use with dry erase markers and erasers.

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Here are some examples of whiteboard film installed.

whiteboard film on walls
3M whiteboard film
whiteboard film on glass