Why Choose Crimsafe Security Screens?

Why Choose Crimsafe Security Screens?

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We’ve received a wave of interest in Crimsafe, our newest security offering for the San Francisco Bay Area. Perhaps you’ve seen our ad on Facebook or Instagram, or you’ve landed on our Crimsafe page and wondered what the fuss is all about. Here are some facts about Crimsafe that can help you decide whether to make it a part of your home or office security endeavors.

Why Choose Crimsafe Security Screens?

Would you like the security of being able to keep your front door open while sitting in the back of your house? Crimsafe allows you to have this kind of security. These unique security screens are designed to prevent break-ins. First, they are made extremely well. They’re made from stainless steel and are custom-made to fit your doors and windows. 

The mesh used for the Crimsafe security screens is thicker than most. At 0.9 mm thick, Crimsafe’s stainless steel mesh is thicker than most other mesh products on the market. It is much harder to cut or penetrate and is corrosion-resistant. In fact, Crimsafe tests its products by simulating 30 years worth of environmental exposure. This means that rain, wind, hail, and snow won’t diminish their strength. Part of their testing includes subjecting its screens to more than 3000 hours of salt spray. The end result was a screen that didn’t show any corrosion, blistering, or loss of adhesion.  Crimsafe is so sure about the durability of its products that they offer a minimum 10-year warranty. 

Why-Choose-Crimsafe--Security-Screens_2 Crimsafe security screens also feature Screw-Clamp technology. This means that the screens are securely held in place by a super-strong clamping mechanism. Screens are held in place securely, which prevents them from being damaged by impacts like kicking or bashing with blunt instruments. 

Another layer of strength comes from the tamper-resistant screws used to secure the screens in place. The screws are not left exposed. Rather, they are protected by a sealed chamber. When you add all these features together, it’s clear that Crimsafe is a security powerhouse!

You might be left with one more question: if Crimsafe is so secure, how do I get out of my home or office in an emergency? Crimsafe has that covered too. Each screen has an innovative keyless exit system, making it quick and easy to exit from the inside. 

Where is Crimsafe made?

Although Crimsafe is a global company with multiple divisions worldwide, Crimsafe USA is a manufacturer in the Southern California city of La Mirada. We at ClimatePro work directly with the factory in California to ensure the highest quality possible and the quickest timeline to complete your installation. 

How much does Crimsafe Cost?

As was mentioned above, Crimsafe security screens are tailor-made. This means that the exact cost of installing them will vary based on the amount and size of the windows and doors you have. For example, we estimate that Crimsafe windows cost between $400 – $1200 per window. Crimsafe entry doors start at $1,400, and Crimsafe patio door starts at $3,500. Again, this depends on the size, shape, and quantity of your doors and windows. It’s good to remember that ClimatePro now offers financing, putting this security product well within reach. We believe that Crimsafe is an investment in your security that is totally worth every penny spent.

We are excited to be able to offer Crimsafe to our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’d like more information about this premium product, you can fill out the form here. Or, you can contact us today for a free consultation. With offices in North Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose, we can be reached at (707) 569-9098.