Why Residential Window Film is Great for Furniture

Why Residential Window Film is Great for Furniture

You spent hours picking out the perfect sofa. It’s just the right color, the exact shape and size. It’s been delivered and put in it place. You sink in and…ahhh! If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect furniture for your space is a rewarding exercise in creative frustration. But when a room comes together, it’s pure perfection. Now that you’ve designed the space, how do you protect it from one of its biggest enemies: the Sun?

Surprisingly, most homeowners don’t factor in sun damage when designing their interior spaces. Yet, direct sunlight and UV exposure are two elements that can shorten the life of your home furnishings. Let’s discuss both and then we’ll talk about how window film is a great way to protect your furniture.

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Direct Sunlight and UV Exposure

The Sun is a powerhouse of energy and both direct sunlight and UV rays can have a devastating effect on your home goods. Fading, cracking and heat damage are the usual effects of direct sunlight and UV rays. Even on days when sunlight appears to be limited or nonexistent, UV rays continue to pour through unprotected windows, contributing to damage to artwork, curtains and furniture.

Interestingly, the Florida Solar Energy Center noted that one of the reasons why fading is a bigger problem these days is because of some advancements in environmental conservation:

“Driven by pollution laws, fabric dyes, wood stains, paints and other coatings found in modern buildings have been formulated to have a more benign environmental impact, but may in consequence be less stable than their predecessor materials, typically, solvent-based. Today’s water-based products have a number of obvious environmental benefits, but some are more susceptible to fading over time, a significant drawback.”

This was a shock, even to us! Indeed, there are real concerns regarding fading and UV rays. Never fear though: there are solutions!


Window Film To The Rescue

One solution that many homeowners have taken advantage of is professionally installed window film. As SF Gate notes:

“Another effective way to keep your walnut coffee table looking rich and healthy is by using window film. Window film is a product you place over windows that blocks UV rays from coming inside your home, thus protecting your furniture. These innovative films are a simple and clear way to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and add a valuable layer of protection to your home.”

3M offers a variety of window films that are designed to protect your interior furnishings. One latest 3M innovation, Thinsulate, is a remarkable residential window film that is getting rave reviews. We here at Climatepro are dedicated to helping our customers reap the benefits of window film. Feel free to ask us how window film can make a difference in your home. Call us at (707) 569-9098 or get a free estimate here.