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Window Tint for Oakland, CA Homes

Get the best window tint for your Oakland, CA, home with 3M and ClimatePro.

Getting window tint or window film for your Oakland, CA, home is not hard. Just call ClimatePro. Our team has been installing window tints throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland and the East Bay. For this lovely home, we installed 3M Prestige 70 Window Film. The 3M Prestige family of films is very popular in the Bay Area. Here are ten other homes that we've transformed with 3M Prestige Window Film:

Why do so many homeowners choose 3M Prestige for their homes? This innovative window tint helps homeowners to create a comfortable home. This is your window tint if you want to keep your views and have adequate sunlight. The 3M Prestige Series is a low-reflectivity film, which means your windows aren't turned into giant mirrors. 

3M Prestige window films reduce the amount of infrared light by up to 97%. This helps you save on your energy bills. It also helps to reduce the sun's heat by up to 60%. It practically eliminated UV rays, up to 99%, which are harmful to your skin and home furnishings. Like all 3M films, it has a great warranty, so you'll feel good about investing in this sun control window film.

For over 40 years, ClimatePro has been helping Bay Area homeowners find the best window film or tint in the world.  Let our skilled team help you today.  You can contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you get started, or call us at 707-755-7337.


Get the best window tint for your Oakland, CA, home with 3M and ClimatePro.


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