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Window Tint for Orinda, CA Homes

Protecting art, furniture, and people with 3M Window Tint in Orinda, CA.

This lovely home in Orinda, CA, recently had its upper windows upgraded with 3M Affinity Window Tint. It's a great and affordable choice for San Francisco Bay Area homeowners. Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of window tint (or window film). From UV protection to reduced energy costs, window tint is a wise investment. How can you choose the right window tint installation company? How much does window tint cost for Orinda, CA homes?

How to Choose the Right Window Tint Installer

There are some key ways to choose the right window tint installer. First, the company you choose should be licensed and insured to install window tint in California. Check the California State Contractors Licensing Board website for confirmation. Your window tint installer should also be authorized to sell the brand of window tint they are offering. 

Second, ensure that the installation company you choose has a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start. Also, read online reviews to see what previous customers say. 

When conversing with the window tint installation company you choose, listen to see if they have extensive knowledge of their window film catalog. The customer service and sales teams should be able to understand your particular needs and find a window tint that matches them. Also, all whom you interact with should be patient, friendly, and expeditious. You will be inviting this company into your home, and first impressions matter.

What other details should you consider when choosing a window tint installation company? We've compiled the best tips in this free guide: How To Pick The Right Window Film Contractor. 

Here's a suggestion for you: you can call ClimatePro today at 707.755.7337 or fill in our free online estimate request form. We are the best window tint installation team in Orinda and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. With 43 years of experience and a library of 3M Window Films that can't be beaten, we are ready to serve you.


Protecting art, furniture, and people with 3M Window Tint in Orinda, CA.


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