Part 5: Window Film Installation: Professional vs DIY?

Part 5

Part 5: Window Film Installation: Professional Vs DIY

There are certain home improvement projects that can be tackled by experienced homeowners as a DIY project, while others should be left to the professionals. When it comes to installing window film or window tinting, it may be something that you could handle depending on your skill level and confidence.

Window film is a visual product that is meant to be looked through, not at. It helps you better see and experience the outside world, while being designed to not be noticed after installation. It is similar to putting on a pair of sunglasses that reduce glare and eye strain while providing an uninterrupted view of the world.

For very small projects, a DIY window film kit or graphic can be used. However, homeowners who aren’t familiar with how to use one can potentially waste money when using these kits. The biggest problem with these kits is that you only get one chance to install the window film, meaning there are no do-overs. Therefore, it can be frustrating to waste your time and materials and have to order a new kit.

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