Part 6: Window Film FAQs

Part 6

Part 6: Window Film FAQS

Here are some more questions answered about window film:

Will Window Film Kill House Plants?

Take heart if you love your house plants and are worried that window film will harm them. Window film blocks UV rays but not the red and blue rays that plants need to live. These two colors are not part of the UV color spectrum, which can be harmful to humans.  Window film also helps to regulate room temperatures and moisture. It really contributes to creating a stable environment for your plants by minimizing intense sunlight. In most cases, the best practice is to see how plants fair in spaces with new window film. Most plants will adjust to window film just fine.

If you have concerns about your indoor plants and sunlight, the first thing to do is to understand the actual sunlight needs of your plants. A local nursery can help you determine your plants’ sunlight needs. We’ve seen that many of our residential and commercial window film customers have thriving indoor plants.

How Much Does Window Film Costs?

Please review our detailed Window Film Pricing Guide for more information.

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