3M Prestige 40 Window Film for Commercial Businesses

3M Prestige 40 Window Film for Commercial Businesses

3M Prestige 40 Window Film for Commercial Businesses

Why choose 3M Prestige 40 window film for your commercial business? Business owners both large and small have chosen this window film for a number of reasons. From its energy-saving properties to its outstanding UVA protection, we believe 3M Prestige 40 is a wise choice. Discover 3 reasons why we recommend it and learn how it’s made.

Multiple Layers of Protection

What makes 3M Prestige 40 so remarkable? One reason is its unique construction. This innovative film is made of over 200 ultra-thin layers, thanks to 3M’s patented nanotechnology. and is manufactured utilizing 3M’s patented nanotechnology process. This process gives the Prestige series the ability to offer a number of benefits.

Three Benefits of 3M Prestige 40

Temperature Control: The insulating properties of 3M Prestige 40 offers two distinctive benefits. In the warmer months, it helps to prevent the sun’s heat from altering your interior temperature. During the cooler months, the insulating properties of Prestige 40 film keep the warm air inside. This means that you have a more comfortable office or business while saving on energy costs.

UVA Protection: Like so many of the window films we offer from 3M, the Prestige films offer superior UVA protection. Blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA rays, you can rest assured that your workers are protected. UVA rays can cause skin cancer and contribute to aging. Additionally, they are a leading cause of fading that damages furnishings and flooring.

Safety: All of those layers that we mention have another benefit that is worth noting. 3M Prestige 40 can also serve as a barrier, keeping glass in place in the case of breakage. Earthquakes and other natural disasters may cause glass to break, but window film can hold it in place. This means that your employees are protected from glass debris that could cause injury.

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