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3M Prestige Window Film for Healdsburg, CA Homes

3M Prestige Window Film for Healdsburg, CA Homes

What kind of 3M Window Film can be used on Healdsburg, CA homes? For this project, the homeowner chose 3M Prestige 40 window film for this stunning house. Like many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, this window film was chosen for a few big reasons. What about your home? We believe that this film, from its energy-saving properties to its outstanding UVA protection, is a wise choice.

Three Benefits of 3M Prestige 40 Window Film

What makes 3M Prestige 40 such a great choice for homeowners for your home?  Let's start with how it's made. Did you know that Prestige 40 has over 200 ultra-thin layers? Amazing! This nanotech process, patented by 3M, gives the Prestige series of window tints some clear benefits. First, the film offers exceptional insulating properties. This means that the film will help your home to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the cooler months. This creates a more comfortable home for you and your family.

Second, like most 3M window films, Prestige films provide UVA protection. By blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA rays, your home furnishings, and your family is protected from harmful UVA rays. UVA rays can cause skin cancer and have been shown to contribute to aging. Moreover, they are a leading cause of the fading that damages art, flooring, and furniture. Additionally, Healdsburg gets over 262 days of sunshine, so this is a must for homeowners. In fact, the entire Bay Area get over 200 days of sunshine, so this film is a good choice for most.

Lastly, what about your safety? Here's yet another area where 3M Prestige 40 Window Film can help. It can serve as a barrier, holding the glass in place in the case of breakage. Earthquakes and other natural disasters may cause your window glass to break, but this can hold it in place. That's why It's another layer of protection that you and your family deserve.

ClimatePro – Your Window Film Specialists

Are you ready to bring this excellent window film to your home? Our talented team has over 40 years of experience and we’ve worked with homeowners throughout the Bay Area, including Healdsburg. We are the most highly-reviewed window film and window tint company in Northern California and we’d love to help you transform your home. Take a look at some of our completed projects here. Use our Window Film Selector Tool or get a free estimate here. You can also give us a call 707-755-7337.

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