4 Lies Window Tinters Tell

4 Lies Window Tinters Tell

4 lies window tinters tell

Lie #1: My “cheaper” window tint product is the same as the brand name product.

No, not really! You only use that sales pitch because your business is not established with any reputable window tint manufacturers, and competing against name brand, quality manufacturers is a challenge.

INSTEAD: Be honest, clearly explain the product you’re selling. There is no need to be dishonest and play games with customers or use “bait and switch tactics.” Sometimes the big brand window tint manufacturers are not always the right fit for customers, we understand that. Honest and clear communication is always the best way to go.

Lie #2: We only have the best installers.

Maybe you do, but when you send installers wearing tank-tops, poor equipment, or installers without shoes (ya, it happens) it’s difficult to believe that statement is true. Also, if you’re sending a new installer, its okay, we get it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and they have to learn somehow. Make sure to be honest about it, reassure the customer that you stand behind your work 100% and you will be accountable for the new installers work.

INSTEAD: Be honest, explain how your new installer is being trained and how you encourage only the best workmanship and work ethic at your company. Have respect for your company and the window tint industry, we want customers to appreciate our services and realize we’re legitimate service business offering valuable services.

Lie #3: My price will be around _____?…

Around? What do you mean around? Around what? Please don’t trick a customer into thinking you’re price will be one thing but when you actually arrive it becomes another price for some ridiculous excuse. Now that you have the customer hostage because they have already taken the time off work and rearranged their whole schedule. The customer will feel cheated, annoyed and just plain unhappy with the whole experience.

INSTEAD: In the state of California window tint contractors are required to be licensed professionals. That means we should have clearly written estimates with details about the products and scope of work to be completed, before the project is started. No surprises, please! If you must provide a verbal estimate provide the customer with realistic price ranges, that way there are no surprises when the bill comes due.

Lie #4: We’ve been in business for years.

Really, really? No you haven’t! Maybe you’ve been installing window tint for many years but you have not been in business as long as you say. Being in business and being an installer is two completely different things.

INSTEAD: Tell your customers that your new in business, explain to them that while you have been installing window tint for many years, your business is new. Tell them that because you’re a new business you’re working harder than anyone else in the area to establish a reputation for your company, a reputation of honesty and great customer service. Own it!

Oh, yea. Adding up the installation experience of you and a few of your “buddies” does not equal the total years of being in business. “We’ve been in business for 140 years”…Really?

Also, please don’t use other companies projects as referrals or sell yourself as being the “company” who completed the project, when in reality all you did was work as a installer for the project (Unless, you and the company have an agreement to do so). Again, project management and installing are two different things entirely.

The Point.

Honesty is the key. We all have weakness as companies but clear communication with our customers can build confidence and our weaknesses can actually be portrayed as strengths. Certain companies meet the needs of certain customers, communication builds that relationship and avoids problems down the road.

These are the four lies you might hear from a window tinter. If you hear one, it might be a good idea take a deeper look at the company, and confirm some facts before proceeding.

Disagree with the list, missing one? Let me know in the comments.