7 things you need to know about your window film company…

7 things you need to know about your window film company…

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1. Ask for a free estimate

Any window film installation company should be willing to provide you with a Free estimate. They should be willing and able to visit your location no matter the size of the job. This is a common issue, customer calls the installation company and they provide a estimate over the phone. When the installation company arrives scope of work can be unexpected and cause confusion. frustration and costs you more money then expected.

2. Site visit

The site visit is so important because the installation company should know what type of windows you have, sun exposure, orientation and your concerns. Many factors go into selecting the right window film for your specific application and not all window films are acceptable for every type of window. A professional company should have manufacturer provided window film sample specifications sheets and they should be willing to leave them with you to help you make your decision on which window film you would like.

3. Know your risks

The company representative should explain everything to you, including the potential risk for seal failures and glass breakage. There are very minimal risk but time and attention should be spent discussing them, what can be done to avoid them and how your protected through the window film manufacture. If the window film contractor fails to mention these issues or quickly skirts over the issues avoid working with them at all costs. They either have limited knowledge of the products they are selling or they have no future plans to assist in case any issues may arise after the installation.

4. Do your homework

Don’t be fooled by the common trunk slammer! The window film industry is plagued by hundreds of fly by night companies working illegally and without the proper certifications. Know your local regulations, in the state of California window film applies under two California state contractor qualifications (D-52 window coverings, D-53 weatherization). Make sure that they have at least one of these qualifications and if they have a number of employees they are required by law to carry workers compensation. If a company is caught working illegally not only is a $5000 fine for them but also a $5000 fine for the homeowner that hired them. Also if the company is well established and reputable they should have references and positive reviews about them available. Feel free to check up on them at the Better Business Bureau at bbb.org and see if they have any negative reviews.

5. Not everything is equal

Not all window film manufactures are the same. Yes it is true some brands are better then others as the window film industry continues to expand to reduce energy demand more and more imported products are being introduced in the market. Be cautious not only are these new products made with low quality materials they also have no track record of being quality window films. Stick with the brands you know and trust, not only for the product but the future reliability of them in case a warranty issue may arise.

6. The installation

The window film installation is the most critical part. Make sure to ask how long the installers have been working for them and how long they have been installing window film. There are no training schools for the industry and only experience can provide a skilled installer. If there are difficult or hard to reach areas ask before hand how the contractor plans to access them. Make sure they are using safe and proper equipment and ladders. Make sure on the day on installation the quoted material is actually used, ask to see the packaging before the installation. Since the window film is applied with a wet solution ask the installers how they plan to avoid getting water every where. They should have clean towels and tarps to use on the floor, furniture and drapes. Before the installers leave, inspect all the windows to make sure there where no bad installation cuts, blemishes or pockets of water left behind.

7. Get the warranty

Make sure that you receive a proper invoice from the installation company and with in 60-90 days you should receive a warranty statement directly from the window film manufacture. If you do not receive this warranty call the installation company immediately it is imperative that you receive these documents in case some issue may arise in the future. Most all residential window films come with a lifetime warranty and commercial warranties come with 10-15 year warranty.