8 Ways to Winterize your Home

8 Ways to Winterize your Home

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1. Look for Drafts

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. Check your home around windows and doors for any air gaps. Add weather stripping to windows and door and if need add a draft guard to the bottom of your doors. Take a close look at places where two different building materials meet, such as corners, around chimneys, where pipes or wires exit and along the foundation. Use the incense test: carefully (avoiding drapes and other flammables) move a lit stick along walls; where the smoke wavers, you have air sneaking in. And heating or cooling sneaking out.

2. Change your Furnace Filter

Its easy to forget but it’s important to remember to change your air filter during the winter months. A dirty air filter causes air restriction and can reduce the efficiency and performance of your homes heater. Don’t skimp on the quality of your air filter also, look into buying a good quality air filter such as 3M Filtrete.

3. Turn the Ceiling Fans in Reverse

Yes really, a ceiling fan can do more than keep you cool during summer months. Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to turn the fan blades counter-clockwise. Hot air rises so the ceiling fan helps push warm air down back into the room and not into your attic.

4. Turn Down the Hot Water Heater.

Most homeowners have their hot water heater temperature way to high, try turning your hot water heater temperature to around 120 degrees F. You will probably never notice the difference and it will save your from those occasionally scalding surprises.

5. Tune up your Heater.

Just like your car, your heater needs an occasional tune-up to help keep it running it’s best. Keeping your furnace clean, tuned and well lubricated improves it’s efficiency and overall life. Check your local utility provider and look for deals to get a service company to provide a inspection.

6. Keep a Eye on your Thermostat.

It is easy to forget to turn down the thermostat when you leave your home but, doing so is the best way to save money. Most households spend a majority of their utility costs on heating and cooling, so why use it when your not home?

7. Plastic Window Film

For a few dollars you can pick up some window plastic insulation film. It can help insulate your windows during the really cold winter months. When installed correctly it is almost invisible. If you really want to save big you can hire a pro like us, to install a LOW-E window film on your windows.

8. Put on a Sweater

Seriously a nice, comfortable, long sleeved sweater can increase your body temperature by about 2 degrees F , that would allow you to turn down your homes thermostat by 2 degrees.

For even more energy savings tip check out https://www.thedailygreen.com/green-homes/latest/winterize-home-tips-energy-461008