Add Safety Window Film to Your Berkeley Home

Add Safety Window Film to Your Berkeley Home

3M Safety Window Film installed in a Berkeley, CA by ClimatePro.

The benefits of adding 3M Safety Window Film to your home are numerous. It’s a topic that we’ve explored on our website and in conversation with customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Creating a safe and secure home requires multiple approaches. We strongly believe that 3M Safety Window Film should be a part of every home security plan.

The Benefits of Safety Window Film

What are the benefits of 3M Safety Window Film? First, it’s good to discuss what 3M Safety Window Film is. This innovative window film is a tough film that is designed to hold glass in place in cases of breakage. Whether that breakage happens from an attempted break-in or a weather-related incident, 3M Safety Window Film makes you safer.

For added protection, 3M Safety Window Film can be installed with an advanced attachment system. If you are looking for added peace of mind, this is an option you should consider. The advanced attachment system attaches your filmed window to the window frame. It outperforms windows with just film. For even more protection, you can upgrade your safety film to 3M Ultra Series Window Film.

How to Get Safety Window Film

Besides the safety benefits, you also get the other protections of window film. This includes UV protection, which reduces fading. Better interior temperature control and less glare are other benefits.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want a safer home, ClimatePro is here to help. Let us bring our 40+ years of experience to you. Call us at (707) 569-9098 or get started with our online form here.

Here are three more examples of 3M Safety Window Film in use: