Amazing Dichroic Window Film Glass Solution

Amazing Dichroic Window Film Glass Solution

Dichroic window film adds a color-shifting, shimmering effect to many kinds of surfaces. Typically found in expensive dichroic glass, that can add substantial cost to any project.

What does Dichroic mean? The definition of Dichroic is, 1.) having the property of dichroism.  2.) Dichromatic. Dichromatic means, having or exhibiting two colors. Thats exactly what 3M Dichroic glass finish does.

3M Dichroic Window Film 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes produce dynamic effects and shifts in color on various mounting surfaces, lighting and viewing angles.

Dichroic window film is an amazing color changing window film that can be applied to glass and many plastics. Made of premium materials, the shimmering textures are available in two tones, warm and cool.

Dichroic window films shift and change colors depending on mounting surface, lighting and viewing angle. This state of the art window film creates impressive, stunning environments and high end design. It can be applied in small sections to add impressive details to window graphics or it can be applied to an entire window.

Made by 3M this amazing window film solution is made of premium-grade multilayer polymeric film (say that 10 times fast :)…). The color changing effect can be visible from both sides of the film-covered glass. This product is non-metallic, non-conductive and non-corrosive.

When we saw this product for the first time, we gazed into the amazing color changing film and saw amazing possibilities to incorporate this window film with other decorative window films to create brilliant glass graphics, logos and patterns. Here you will find the 3M Dichroic Glass Finish data sheet, this truly is a product to innovate and inspire with.

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