Blinded By The Light? We Have A Solution For Sun Glare

Blinded By The Light? We Have A Solution For Sun Glare

This time of year is notorious for having some of the most intense sunlight. During fall and winter months the crisp cold air allows for brilliant sunsets. This time of year has dry air that allows the sunlight to shine across the sky without any interference from moisture droplets making intense beautiful sunsets. If you want to nerd out on more information about sunlight check out this wikipedia article, its really fascinating.

Sunset in Healdsburg, CA
Here is beautiful sunset captured in Healdsburg CA by one of our installers. Never-mind the hand… Hey were not professional photographers, we’re professional window tinters!

Since the sun drops down lower in the sky this allows the sun’s powerful rays to peek through windows and emit annoying sunlight glare. You’ve probably experienced this while driving home in the car.

Anti-glare films could be of use in this situation. These window films work by reducing the amount of visible light allowed to pass through the window, making the sunlight more bearable. Anti-glare films are a great solution because they work 24/7 without you ever having to think about it. Along with the reduced glare, these films help reduce UV and fade damage and save on energy in the hotter months.

Often times we get asked if you can still see through the anti-glare films. The answer is yes, in most cases the amount of sunlight entering through a customers windows is so intense that when we install the window film, the difference is negligible. The windows with the window film actually look more natural, allowing for a clearer view than before.

Glare coming through a window.Look at this example, the sunlight is so bright its unbearable to even sit in this room. You can’t see the TV or even focus.

How is that possible? Your darkening the window, aren’t you? Yes, that is true we are darkening the window but think about this example, when you put on a really nice pair of sunglasses do you walk around unable to see where you are going? Nope! In-fact most of the time, people will leave their sunglasses on all the time because they are comfortable and your eyes are used to the amount of light coming through the sunglasses. Your eyes adjust, actually relaxing because they don’t have to strain to filter out the bright intense sunlight.

If you think anti-glare films might be of interest to you feel free to contact us . We would be happy to show you samples in your home or business and discuss all the possible options.

P.S. Oh and incase you have Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded By The Light” or Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Blinded By The Light” stuck in your head, here is a couple youtube videos for your pleasure.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Bruce Springsteen