Drones In The Skies Of San Francisco?

Drones In The Skies Of San Francisco?

Drones in the skies of San Francisco? Image Capture from Alex Cornell Youtube Video

Most of you have probably already seen or heard of Amazon’s plans to use flying drones to deliver packages, unless you’ve been living under a rock. While some have claimed its fake here is confirmation its real and its happening. Personally, I heard about this and have been thinking it over for since.

Its sounds absolutely amazing. Just think: within hours of placing an order, a flying robot will land at your door step and deliver a monthly shipment of toiletries. Many say this won’t work, but there is strong evidence that it will. I tend to agree, and why not? I’m sure there will be many hurdles, but those will be worked out over time. While I’m sure they will set up flight paths away from populated areas, it does bring up the question of who will have the right away when it comes to landing on sidewalks. Bad news for people who like to text and walk! What about malfunctions, drones just falling out of the sky? That’s bad news.

I think this idea won’t escape my mind because it sounds so crazy, yet it’s so close to a reality. I keep having thoughts of being hunted down in a dark alley by a rogue drone for jaywalking. Eventually we won’t even be able to flick a booger without something seeing it. Check out this artist depiction of what the future will be like with semi-autonomous drones in the skies of San Francisco.

Another question is: what about thieves? I can’t imagine that some less scrupulous folks of San Francisco won’t find a way to take advantage of this. It could be an entire pirate operation, “Drone Pirates”. These drones will probably be pretty easy to track in the sky with those yellow boxes hanging on the bottom. Thieves could just follow their paths and steal the contents, or the entire drone for that matter.

I was thinking of ways how everyday business could use their very own drones. Surprisingly a number of ways came to mind for our window tinting operation. Instead of going up and down elevators in some of the taller buildings of San Francisco, we could just deploy our drone to retrieve it for us. Need a window film sample ASAP delivered to an interior designer for an urgent project? No problem, “release the drones”, be there in an hour. Well maybe someday.

This may well be the future so, look out UPS and Fedex. By the way, Fedex thinks this is hilarious.

Original video from Amazon