Can Window Film Be Removed?

Can Window Film Be Removed?

Can Window Film Be Removed?

Is Window Film Permanent? Can Window Film Be Removed?

Have you ever asked: “Can Window Film Be Removed? Many customers ask this question for two reasons. Some customers worry about permanent damage to glass when window film is installed. The fear that many customers have is that window film is permanent. Others ask about window film removal because they would like to know if they can remove their current windows window film. This may be due to damage or a desire for something new. For other homeowners, their original window film was not installed professionally or correctly. Whatever the reason, your questions about window film removal are legitimate and deserve an answer.

Designed to be Permanent

Modern window film is exceptionally durable and designed to be a permanent installation. However, some older window film products have suffered from short-life spans. Older films from the 70’s were prone to early blistering, peeling, bubbling, cracking, or discoloration. That’s not the case anymore, thankfully. Modern window films provide flaw-free coverage for decades. It’s important to remember though that window film is under constant assault from the sun’s rays and will eventually degrade. However, ClimatePro has had to replace very few window films under warranty due to degradation within 20 years.

Window Film Can Be Removed

Although permanent by design, window film can be removed. There are a number of tricks to ease the window film removal process. The primary tools you’ll need for removal include an adhesive-dissolving solvent, such as dish soap, vinegar or an ammonia-based cleaner.  A utility razor blade and/or wide window scraper is another tool you’ll need.

Prior to applying the solvent, there are some things you should do first.  For instance, you can try to see if you can start peeling off the window film. We recommend starting in a diagonal direction from one of the corners. It is common to use a razor blades to get under the film. Be careful not to scratch or damage the glass or window sill. 

If the window film is of high quality, you’ll want to give the solvent solution a try. This is usually the best approach. After applying the solvent, you should give it time to soak. One trick to make sure there is enough solvent is to cover the window with a plastic drop sheet or garbage bag after the film has been saturated. This will help keep the solvent in place as it works on breaking down the film’s adhesive. For the best results, consider letting the film soak like this overnight or for at least eight hours.

After the soaking, you can try peeling the film away again in a diagonal direction. You should find that it peels off with relative ease. If you encounter any stubborn spots, gently push through them with the razor or window scraper. Once the film has been peeled away, wash the window with your solvent or other cleaners to remove any remaining adhesive or film bit residue.        

Learn More Window Film Facts from San Francisco’s ClimatePro

Naturally, we here at ClimatePro hope that you don’t have any plans to remove our window film. Are you removing old or inferior window film? Ready for an upgrade? Never fear, we are here for you!  We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s window film experts and have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses with their window film needs.  And note: ClimatePro can remove old window films as part of our installation process. To learn more, contact ClimatePro today at (707) 569-9098.