Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

Commercial Window Tinting by ClimatePro

When it comes to commercial window tinting, we’ve heard just about every question imaginable. After 40 years of working with 3M window film, we can tell you without hesitation: it’s worth every penny. Why? Here are 4 reasons why commercial window tinting will save you money and provide lasting benefits.

Reduce Heat and Hot Spots

Window tinting can have a dramatic effect on your commercial space. Did you know that it can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%? How does it do this? It has been estimated the windows account for up to 33% of energy loss. While windows are great at bringing in light, they also bring in the heat too. Window tinting helps to transform your windows into energy-saving portals. Based on the type of film you choose, your savings can be even more substantial.

What about hot spots? Those are the pesky places in your office where your air conditioning seems to not be able to affect. Window film can help to prevent hot spots by reducing heat overall, which means that your cooling efforts work much better. This creates a more even climate in your office, making your workspace a more comfortable place.

Commercial Window Tinting and UV Rays

UV rays can be very dangerous to you and your furnishings. The sun produces 3 kinds of UV rays, but the ones we are definitely concerned about are the UVA rays. Not only can they increase the risk of cancer, but they also can accelerate aging in exposed skin. Commercial window tinting with 3M window film can reduce UVA rays by 99%.

UV protection doesn’t stop there. UV rays can also cause significant damage to furnishings. You’ve probably seen instances where sunlight streams through a window onto a floor that has a rug. After some time, if you move the rug, you’ll notice that the floor around the rug has faded. UV rays affect flooring, furniture, and artwork. With window tinting, your furnishings are protected.

Privacy & Security Benefits

Security has always been a top concern for commercial customers. Window tinting can help to make your commercial buildings more secure. How? In two ways. Privacy window film can create more privacy. For instance, frosted window film allows light to filter into your space, but prevents prying eyes from looking in. Secondly, security window film can make your window much stronger. That means that they can prevent smash and grabs; holding the glass in place and preventing entry. Holding glass in place is also a benefit during severe weather events and earthquakes. One really cool way that many businesses have incorporated privacy into their space is with decorative window film. Learn how here.

Glare Reduction

Glare can be a real issue in many commercial buildings. With the use of smartphones and computers, glare can make using modern technology a challenge. After all, how effective can a workspace be if you can’t see the screen? Commercial window tinting can significantly reduce glare, helping to create a more productive workspace. The great thing is that you can still get all the benefits of sunlight without the negative effects. Learn more about cost here.

ClimatePro – The Commercial Window Tinting Pros

For over 40 years, ClimatePro has been helping San Francisco Bay Area business to commercial window tinting that fit their needs. Our skilled customer services team, estimators and installers are the best in the business. You can contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll help you get started. With offices in North Bay (including Santa Rosa), San Francisco, and San Jose, we can be reached at (707) 569-9098.