Is It Worth It to Tint House Windows?

Is It Worth It to Tint House Windows?

Is Window Tint Worth it? by ClimatePro

If you are concerned about your San Francisco Bay Area home value and comfort, you may wonder if it is worth it to tint house windows. After all, for many of us, our homes are our largest investment. We want to make sure that anything we do adds to the overall value. Additionally, we all want to live in comfortable and safe places. Can window tinting help with energy costs and security? Whether it’s for comfort, energy savings security, or curb appeal, it’s a great investment. Here are 4 reasons why window tinting is worth the cost.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Window tinting can help you save money on your energy bills in the warm and cold months. How? Windows that have tint (or film) applied to them can block up to 99% of infrared light. This gives you the ability to lower your air conditioning in the warmer months. Films like 3M Thinsulate can help you in the colder months too. 3M Thinsulate is an insulating film, which means that it helps to retain heat, lowering your energy costs. There are even tax credits available in the US for homeowners who have window tint installed.

The savings can be substantial, so choosing the right window tinting is key. Hence, it’s always good to work with companies that have extensive knowledge of the tints available. They’ll make sure you get the right tint for your home. There are even tax credits available in the US for homeowners who have window tint installed.

UV Protection

Another feature of window tinting that makes it worth the cost is UV protection. What are UV rays? UV stands for ultraviolet. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation produced by the Sun. UVA rays can be damaging to humans. They can increase skin cancer risk, damage DNA, and increasing the signs of aging. These facts alone make it worth investigating. 

Window tinting helps to block harmful ultraviolet rays. These UV rays can damage eyes, skin, and home furnishings.  3M Window films helps your windows to reject up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. The benefits go beyond protection for humans.  Window film can also prevent fading of your home furnishings, including carpets and rugs. This makes it a good idea for health and home.

More of us are working at home these days, so the idea of glare reduction is important. Likewise, we watch television, we use our phones and other electronic devices more than ever. Glare from the sun can make all of these activities challenging. Who wants to watch TV if you can see the screen because of sun glare? Here’s where window tinting helps. Window tint reduces glare and helps to create a welcoming environment in your home. Installing it throughout your entire home means that you can use your devices anywhere without the sun getting in the way. 

Make Your Home More Secure

Would you like to make your home more secure? Consider window tinting. 3M’s Ultra Series is a security window film that can turn your windows into another security layer for your home. Let’s face it, glass without window film can be pretty fragile. Window tinting makes them much stronger. Safety window tinting is designed to protect your home from break-ins and severe weather. How does it work? 3M Ultra Series films are up to 42 micro-layers thick, which makes them really tough. They are tear-resistant and can hold broken glass in place after impact. These innovative films can be clear or tinted. Like most 3M window tints, it blocks UV rays and has a warranty for 10-14 years. 

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