Do I Need Window Tint if I Don’t Have Direct Sunlight?

Do I Need Window Tint if I Don’t Have Direct Sunlight?

Do I Need Window Tint if I Don’t Have Direct Sunlight?

One of the benefits of window tint is that it prevents fading. But what if you don’t see direct sunlight streaming through your windows? Do you still need window tint? What causes fading?

What Really Causes Fading

We might think that it’s just direct sunlight that causes fading. When sunlight enters a room, there are 3 elements: visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Visible light is the light you can see with your eyes. Infrared light is the energy from the sun that you can feel. While both visible and infrared light can cause damage to furnishings and your skin, that last one is what we want to focus on.

Ultraviolet light makes up a huge part of the sun’s energy and can’t be seen. However, its effects can be potent. UV rays are powerful. They had the power to cause photodegradation or color fading. This happens because UV rays have the ability to break down the chemical bonds that hold colors together in fabrics.

Astonishingly, even if your furnishings don’t have direct sunlight, UV rays can bounce off of solid surfaces and right onto your furnishings. Combines, these 3 elements can cause damage to art, furniture, rugs, flooring, and your skin.

The Many Benefits of Window Tint

The Versatility of Window Tint

Window tint does more than protect from the sun’s harmful rays. Besides sun control, It can help you to lower your energy bill by controlling how much heat enters your home or office. Window tint can also act as a layer of insulation on your windows, keeping in warmer air during colder months. Many customers want more security for their windows and window tint can definitely help. It also minimizes glare on your television, phone, and tablet.

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How to Choose a Window Tint Company

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