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Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure? It's one of the most asked questions we've received from potential customers. Many San Francisco Bay Area homeowners and business owners want the best products and protection for their homes and offices. What they don't want is to jeopardize their windows. We understand the concerns and are here to answer this important question.

What are window seals?

Window seals are a protective barrier found on double or triple-pane windows. Windows with multiple panes usually have gas between the panes like argon. The seal locks in the gas, creating a barrier the helps to minimize the effects of outside temperatures. This is one of the main reasons people purchase duel paned windows and why they're a great investment. They definitely help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months.

Why do window seals fail?

One fact that must be acknowledged: all dual pane windows will eventually develop seal failure. At some point, the seal between the panes will break down and allow moisture to enter. This is how fogging occurs between the panes. When will the seal breakdown? This depends on a number of factors. Windows take a lot of abuse from the sun, weather events, bird strikes, and more. Any of these factors can contribute to the eventual deterioration of the window seal. The good news is that most window manufacturers offer warranties in the event of seal fail.

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

As we've mentioned before, window film does not cause seal failure. In fact, If you currently have dual pane windows and they don't show any signs of seal failures and you have window film professionally installed by someone like a authorized 3M window film dealer, you will automatically receive a 3 year (36 months) seal failure warranty.  Window film manufacturers like 3M will even take it a step further, you have a lifetime warranty such as the one offered by Milgard, 3M will match that exact warranty word for word for a tiny additional fee. Talk about peace of mind!

In summary:

  • Window seals are the protective barrier that seals multiple panes of glass.
  • Most window seals fail due to factors like sunlight, weather events, and bird strikes
  • Window film does not cause seal failure.

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