Eichler Window Film – Window Replacement Alternative

Eichler Window Film – Window Replacement Alternative

Eichler homes are designed and constructed extensively using floor-to-ceiling windows, creating open and modern living spaces. The ample use of glass in an Eichler home is one of the main reasons Eichler owners enjoy their home.

For most owners of Joseph Eichler Homes, the preference is to leave the windows completely uncovered except in sleeping areas or other areas of the home requiring more shade or privacy.

Eichler Window Film InstallationUnfortunately, the glass in Eichler homes poses two problems, one is energy efficiency, and the other is safety.  The use of window film in Eichler homes is very popular. Eichler window film can help increase the safety and increase the efficiency of your Eichler home by reducing the sun’s solar energy, keeping your Eichler cooler. Along with the increase in efficiency adding window film to your Eichler’s windows also helps reduce UV fade damage, prolonging and protecting your furniture and flooring.

Eichler Window Film

The large windows in an Eichler are dangerous because most Eichler homes do not have tempered or safety glass installed. This glass is easy to break and can be hazardous due to the way the glass breaks into large sharp pieces.  See the image below, a recent example of a small child who actually fell through an Eichler window. Fortunately, the child was NOT hurt!

Eichler Window Broken - Eichler Safety Window FilmSafety window film helps to hold together broken glass panels, keeping the  Eichler’s large windows together in case they do break. In the event of an accident or an earthquake, Eichler’s windows have the potential to be very dangerous.

Best Of Both Worlds

Window films can be used in Eichler homes for both safety and sun protection. 3M window films come in multiple product series, 3M has safety window films, solar window films, and window films that combine both purposes. Most large windows in an Eichler can have window film installed with no seams in the viewing area. Best of all 3M window films for Eichlers are designed not to disturb the optical clarity of your Eichler home’s view. In fact, it is often said that having window film installed on an Eichler home improved the view.

Proven Track Record

ClimatePro has installed window film on hundreds of Eichler homes using our Eichler window film products. Contact us for any information about our Eichler window film products.