Stunning Eichler Homes – Mid Century Modern Architecture

Stunning Eichler Homes – Mid Century Modern Architecture

Between the years of 1950 and 1974, Joseph Eichler Company or Eichler Homes  built over 11,000 mid century modern homes in California. During that post war era, Eichler became one of the most influential builders of modern homes.

Eichler homes were airy and modern in comparison to most of the mass-produced, middle-class, postwar homes being built in the 1950s. The interiors had numerous unorthodox and innovative features including: exposed post-and-beam construction; tongue and groove decking for the ceilings following the roofline and concrete slab floors. Later models introduced the famous Eichler entry atriums, an open-air enclosed entrance foyer designed to further advance the Eichler concept of integrating outdoor and indoor spaces.

We love the modern design of Eichler homes and we appreciate modern day homeowners who maintain and improve their Eichler homes. Below are some stunning well maintained modern Eichler homes.

Images Stunning Eichler Homes


Eichler Homes Street View Clean modern design with great eye catching color accents. This Eichler features a sleek modern roof line.

Sharp Eichler Home Entrance Sharp roof line really makes this home stand out at first glance and creating a strong focal point at the entrance of the home.

Eichler Home With Red Door Love the red front door and the use of frosted glass on the front of this Eichler home. The red door against the exterior paint color and trim really compliment each other.

640_1david_eichler_architectural_photography_1 Amazing night shot which really highlights the openness of an Eichler home. Really classy and sophisticated and highlights how good design can integrate the inside and the outdoors.

Hopefully you can find some inspiration from the photos found here. While not everyone will have the opportunity to own a Eichler home you can take the designs elements and incorporated them into any kind of space and create modern well thought out environments.