Everything You Need to Know About Solar Control Film

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Control Film


This post will explain everything you need to know about solar control film. At ClimatePro, we believe that the more you know about window film (or window tint), the better prepared you are to benefit from it. Let’s explore how solar control window film can help you with cooling and heating costs year-round.

Windows are everywhere and we love them. Sunlight flows in and we love the views. But windows can also allow heat to enter your home or office during the summer. They also can let the cold weather of winter seep inside. Sun control window films can help you with both. Not only do they help your interiors feel better, but they also can save you money. Yes, you can keep the natural light without the negative side effects. Let’s see how.

Control the Heat

It’s true that curtains and blinds add a layer of privacy to your home. They can also help with heat control. The big problem? They do both at the cost of natural light. Here is where window film or window tint is superior. 3M™ Window Films can help to reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat from coming through your windows. Window film helps to keep the heat out while letting the sunshine in.

Keep Out the Cold

Not only does solar control film help in the summer, but it also assists with keeping your home warm in the winter or cooler months. How? By insulating your windows with 3M Low-E window films, you can upgrade the insulating power of your windows. This window film is like upgrading from single-pane windows to double-pane and from double-pane to triple-pane windows!

Low-E window films reflect and disperse heat back into your home. They also help to prevent cold spots in your home. This increases comfort during the colder months and offers another benefit: lowering of our heating costs. The improved insulation properties of this type of solar control window film improve insulation while lowering your energy bill. That’s a benefit we believe most homeowners will appreciate.

How Do Solar Control Window Films Work?

Solar window film or window tint comes in two basic versions: reflective and non-reflective. First, reflective films are designed to do two things: absorb energy and reject solar energy. Second, non-reflective films are designed to absorb unwanted light and heat. 3M Solar Control window films are made with their proprietary Both films nanotechnology, specifically designed to block out the sun. For a more detailed analysis of how solar control window film works, see this post.

The Window Film Specialists at ClimatePro

We believe that solar control window film is an excellent choice for our San Francisco Bay Area neighbors. With over 40 years of experience, we’d love to help you transform your home with energy-saving, UVA-protecting window film. Take a look at a library of our completed projects here. You can also use our Window Film Selector Tool to explore the many options available. Get a free estimate here or give us a call (707) 569-9098. We look forward to working with you!