Everything You Need to Know About Window Tinting Warranties

Everything You Need to Know About Window Tinting Warranties

Window Tinting Warranties - ClimatePro tells you everything you need to know about window film warranties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When you invest in window tinting for your home or commercial business, you want to know that the window film used will stand the test of time and not crack, peel, blister, bubble, discolor or otherwise fail in its purpose during the years to come. Whether due to the window film material defects or improper application, such window film problems may not become apparent right away. Thus, the best means of ensuring you receive a defect-free, properly applied, top-quality window film is through a solid manufacturer-backed warranty. 

Window tinting warranties offered by San Francisco Bay area window tinting companies can vary in coverage, so you should always pay close attention to warranty terms, coverage period, and any fine print. Warranty periods can range from as little as five years to lifetime, depending upon the quality and type of the film. The breadth of coverage may be limited and the terms could allow for voiding the warranty due to unreasonable stipulations. Make sure to ask questions if the terms are not clear cut or come across as vague. Also, try to discern the company’s history with honoring warranties. Companies that fail to honor their warranties are often called out for such on review sites like Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List.   

Typical Warranty Coverage 

Most window film warranties guarantee that the window tinting will maintain solar reflective properties and adhesion without cracking, crazing, peeling, blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass. Warranties also typically cover changes in appearance caused by discoloration. Reputable film manufacturers provide limited-duration coverage against thermal shock fracture and seal failure. Thermal shock fracturing can occur on rare occasions when the filmed-over glass absorbs more heat than un-filmed glass, which leads to stress breakage. Seal failure coverage is essentially the film manufacturer’s effort to continue standard warranty coverage provided by the glass manufacturer that is generally voided with the application of window film. 

If the film is proven defective during the warranty period, the film is replaced free of any material and labor costs. Most warranties carry provisions that void coverage if the film has been abused or subject to improper care. If someone takes a straight-edge razor to the film or a child applies “Dora the Explorer” stickers to the filmed-over window, the warranty would likely be voided. Likewise, if you were to wash your tinted windows with abrasive cleaning agents, bristle-style brushes, steel wool or other cleaning products that would likely damage the film. 

Typical Warranty Duration 

Window tinting companies—such as ClimatePro—that use quality films from reputable manufacturers tend to provide lifetime warranties for residential customers and from five- to 15-year warranties for commercial customers. The difference in warranty duration is due to the additional wear and tear commercial operations tend to sustain compared to residences. Coverage for thermal shock breakage and seal failure typically lasts from two to five years, though seal failure coverage is generally not offered in the absence of a warranty from the original glass manufacturer.            

Some window films do not come with warranties offering these standard duration coverages. For example, decorative window films, whether pre-made or custom, may only come with five years of coverage. Note also that some glass types may restrict potential coverages offered by film warranties.

Residential and commercial window film warranties are typically not transferable upon the sale of a home or business.  

ClimatePro Backs its Work with Top-Line Warranty Coverage 

We here at ClimatePro stand behind our work and offer our San Francisco Bay Area clients the best window films in the business. And our primary window film manufacturer, the 3M™ Company, backs their window films with some of the best warranties in the business. 

Our partnership with 3M™—we are one of their elite “3M™ Platinum” window film dealers—means that a window tinting project from ClimatePro comes with the highest quality window film, superior application, and exceptional customer service. Frankly, we do not believe that you will ever need to invoke your warranty rights with our professional window tinting service, but we are glad to offer you additional peace of mind with the steadfast guarantee we provide with 3M™ window film warranties.