How can I clean my windows after the film is up?

How can I clean my windows after the film is up?

How to care for window film after installationYour window film is installed, yay! Now what? How can you clean your windows after the film is up? This is a common and great question. We hope that your window film provides you with all the benefits and we want to help you maintain it properly. That’s why we’ve designed this handy maintenance guide. Here are three tips for caring for your window film.


  1. Let the window film cure as directed.
  2. Use non-abrasive rags.
  3. Use the right cleaner.

Let the Window Film Cure

Window film needs time to cure. It can take from 30-60 days for the adhesive to properly bond to your windows. During that curing time, the window film may undergo some changes. Don’t be alarmed; this is normal.

For instance, your window film may look hazy or cloudy for a few days. This usually clears up in the first few days as the film bonds. Also, any water bubble will dry out. As we noted in our last post, you may notice a few small particles when the film is dry. Since it is impossible to remove all dust from the air, this may happen. However, these small points or particles should be very tiny and are generally only visible from the outside.

How to care for window film after installation - Use the right toolsHow to Clean Your Window Film

There are two main points to keep in mind when cleaning your windows after a window film installation. First, be sure to use a non-abrasive cloth or rag. We highly recommend using a squeegee. You might be tempted to use a paper towel, but they are more coarse than they appear and can cause scratches to the film. Other things not to use: bristle brushes or newspaper.

Next, what solution should you use? You should not use pure ammonia or vinegar on window film. Instead, you can use common cleaners like Windex™ or Glass Plus.

Your Window Film Experts

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