How Strong is Safety Film?

How Strong is Safety Film?

Safety Film holds glass in place. - ClimatePro
How strong is safety window film? This is an excellent question and we have the answer for you: It’s super strong!  Safety or security window film is becoming very popular in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the increased interest in creating safer homes and workplaces, we highly recommend this type of film. What makes safety window film such a good investment? Just how strong is it? Let’s find out.

Safety Film Makes Glass Stronger

If you want to add a layer of strength and protection to your windows, safety film is a must-have. How does it make your windows stronger? The strength is in the film. Generally speaking, window security film is made up of layers of polyester film that have been bonded together. The more layers, the stronger the film.

Safety film can range in thickness from 4 mils to 15 mils or higher. With newer nanotechnology, some films can be thinner and yet much stronger than their thicker counterparts. The goal is to create a film that can withstand impact. One such film is 3M™ Ultra Series. It can be up to 42 micro-layers thick, making it an ideal choice for businesses, homes, schools, and storefronts.

Impact protection is a big reason to choose safety film. By holding the glass in place, the film deters intruders. It takes a great deal of force to penetrate safety glass and this slows down intruders, encouraging them to move on. It’s not just a potential crime that safety glass helps with. During earthquakes, severe weather, or trip and falls, safety glass can lower the chance that broken glass will cause personal injury.

The takeaway: Safety film’s strength is based on its multiple layers of protection. It makes your windows stronger by holding the glass in place in the event of break-ins, earthquakes, severe weather, or accidents.

Safety Film helps to prevent scratches. - ClimateProSafety Film’s Anti-Scratch Properties

Another inherent benefit of safety film is its scratch resistance. Because the film is tough and thick, it can take abuse that normal window film cannot. The higher the layer count is, the better the scratch resistance will be. This is good news for windows in high traffic areas, as well as for homeowners with pets. It’s good to remember: no window film is scratch-proof. But a good safety film is scratch-resistant.

Safety Film offers UV protection, too. - ClimateProSafety Film and UV Protection

Like many types of film,  safety and security films also block ultraviolet light. This is an added benefit, as UV rays can be damaging to both furnishings and people.  This level of protection means that your interior decor will last longer. They’ll be protected from fading and discoloration. It also means that the negative effects of UV rays on humans, like aging and skin cancer, can be dramatically reduced.

Some safety films, like 3M Solar Safety Films, do even more. By rejecting solar heat and by adding a layer of reflectivity to your windows, it can help you control temperatures as well.

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