Will Window Film Scratch?

Will Window Film Scratch?

Scratches on Window Film - How do you prevent them?

Will window film scratch? Is it scratch-resistant? These are two frequently asked questions from our customers. We will answer these questions in this post, plus offer some tips on how to maintain your window film.


  • There is no such thing as scratch-proof window film
  • Window film is scratch-resistant
  • How to care for window film

Pets can scratch your window film.

Will Window Film Scratch?

Window film, or window tint, is not scratch-proof. Window film innovation continues to astound us, but alas, there aren’t any films available that are completely scratch-proof. However, window film can be incredibly scratch-resistant. For instance, many of the 3M window films we install have multiple layers of protection built into them. This means that they may minimize scratches. The more layers the film, the more scratch protection.

The issue of scratches on window tint is of special concern to pet owners. We are dog lovers here at ClimatePro and we know how much our furry friends love to put their paws on windows!

However, with the right film, you can definitely reduce the chances of having your windows scratched. If you have pets, be sure to discuss with your trained window film sales professional the options available.

How to keep your window tint free from scratching?

How Do You Prevent Scratches on Window Tint?

There are some simple things you can do to prevent scratches on your window film. First, be sure to clean them the right way. We’ve created a nice guide for keeping your window film clean. To sum it up: avoid abrasive cleaning products and materials. Soft rags and products like Windex and Glass Plus should do the trick.

Another tip for keeping your window film as scratch-free as possible is to keep things that can scratch away from the film. Make sure your blinds, especially heavy ones, are hung so that they don’t come in direct contact with your windows. Keeping furniture at a safe distance from your windows is a good idea for 2 reasons. One, it prevents your furniture from causing scratches. Second, when your sofa and chairs are at a distance from your window film, there are fewer chances of pets and humans scratching it.

FYI: if your window already has scratches on them, you’ll probably see them through the window film, too. Did you know that ClimatePro offers professional scratch removal? Now you do!

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