How Does Security Window Film Work?

How Does Security Window Film Work?

Learn How Security Window Film Works from ClimateProCreating a more secure home or office is a must in 2022. With more of us working from home and the uncertain times, it has become a top priority to find affordable security solutions.

Everything you need to know about Security Window Tint from ClimatePro

As much as we enjoy our windows, they can be the least secure part of our homes or offices. Can security window tint be that solution? How does security window tint work? Is security window tint or film worth it?  We will answer those questions in this post.


How Does Security Window Tint Work

Security window film (also sometimes called safety window tint) is a type of tear-resistant film. It is affixed right on top of the existing window glass. Due to its strength, it is able to remain intact during impact. Safety window films come in various thicknesses, the thicker the film, the more protection it offers.

Security window film works by holding the window glass in place in the case of breakage. This means that during impact, instead of shattered glass debris, the broken glass stays attached to the security film.

Is security window tint worth the cost? Yes. Consider this: other options like security windows or security screens are considerably more expensive.  For most of our customers, security film is a viable and affordable upgrade. The price range for security window tint starts at $8 per square foot for standard film and goes up to $15 for premium film.

Learn How Security Window Film Works from ClimatePro

How to Choose the Right Security Window Tint

3M offers a number of security films that we highly recommend. Here are some of the options. Click on any of them to learn about their unique features and properties:

All of these films are great choices. Choosing the best one for your home or office can be a challenge. That’s why you need the help of a professional window tint assessment and installation team. ClimatePro is the Bay Area’s most experienced and highest reviewed window tint company. Let us help you find the right film. Get a free consultation here or give us a call at (707) 569-9098