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Know The Statistics About Burglary [INFOGRAPHIC]

The statistics on burglary crimes are alarming. A burglary occurs every 14 seconds. That's right: every 14 seconds someone's valuables are being stolen. Reading statistics can be boring, that's why we created this helpful infographic to help you visualize burglary statistics in the United States.

Burglary And Security Window Film

You may be wondering what ClimatePro has to do with burglaries. Well, its simple: more and more customer reach out to us to find out information about our safety and security window films by 3M. Often, interest is elevated after a break-in has occurred in the neighborhood. 3M security window films are designed to protect the most vulnerable part of your home or business, your windows. Find out more about how security window films can add protection to your home or business.

Burlargy Infographic- Security Window Film

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