Secure Your San Francisco Bay Area Front Doors With Crimsafe

Secure Your San Francisco Bay Area Front Doors With Crimsafe

Secure Your San Francisco Bay Area Front Doors With Crimsafe. Installed by ClimatePro.
This may look like an ordinary front door, and that is the point. What you are actually seeing is a front door protected with a custom Crimsafe installation. This San Francisco home now has a layer of protection that provides a strong layer of security. Your Bay Area homes need Crimsafe.

Crimsafe doors offer a host of benefits that not only enhance your security but also elevate your overall living experience. Here are a few advantages of investing in Crimsafe security doors.

Crimsafe: The Benefits

Crimsafe security doors keep bugs, insects, and intruders out, ensuring your safety and security. These tough security doors allow you to open your home to fresh air while keeping your belongings secure. This is one of the energy-saving benefits of a Crimsafe installation. When you feel safe, you are more prone to open your doors and windows. Taking advantage of better ventilation and airflow lowers your need for air conditioning.

Another area where Crimsafe excels is fire safety. Since fires continue to be a concern for many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is something to consider. In emergency situations, Crimsafe security doors play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire. The stainless steel mesh used in their production acts as a barrier against embers from fires. They have the ability to reduce radiant heat intensity by 59%. Learn more about Crimsafe and fire safety here.

Speaking of escaping your house during emergencies, learn the facts about Crimsafe’s S-Cape® here.

Crimsafe screen doors are renowned for their ability to reduce UV heat by an impressive 53%, making your home more energy-efficient. The Tensile-Tuff® mesh used in these doors adds an extra layer of protection against heat or cold, ensuring a comfortable living environment. Compared to ordinary doors, Crimsafe doors utilize 26.5% thicker mesh, providing superior insulation benefits.

These are just some of the benefits of having Crimsafe installed by an authorized specialist like ClimatePro. Discover more benefits by reading our comprehensive guide here. When you are ready to protect your family with Crimsafe, call us at (707) 569-9098.