Why Your Home Needs Crimsafe Security Screens in 2023

Why Your Home Needs Crimsafe Security Screens in 2023

Why Your Home Needs Crimsafe Security Screens in 2022Your home deserves the best protection possible. Creating a safe and secure home is a priority and Crimsafe can help you to do just that. This powerful security screen system has already transformed homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Why should you choose Crimsafe? What makes it so unique? Can you get financing? Read on to find the answers and to schedule a free Crimsafe consultation.

Crimsafe Makes Your Home Safer

Making your home safer should be a priority, no matter where you live. The truth is, your windows are the weakest entry point to your home. Crimsafe helps you to turn them into your strongest. It can do the same for your doors, too. How does Crimsafe make your home safer?

First, the patented and unique stainless steel mesh is the strongest you can find for security screens. It is custom designed and is made from 9mm premium-grade security steel. It has an incredible sheer resistance, too. What is shear resistance? This is the ability to not shred, even if cut or punctured. How does this make you safer? If an intruder manages to cut through the mesh, they won’t be able to get through. The mesh stays strong and sturdy.

Why Your Home Needs Crimsafe Security Screens in 2022

Another safety feature of Crimsafe screens is how it is mounted to your home. The screen is placed between two aluminum clamps that hold it securely. In fact, it creates an airtight seal.  The screens are corrosion resistant and have been extensively tested to make sure that they last.

See an example of Crimsafe in action:

Crimsafe: Easy Escape Features

One of the most common questions asked about Crimsafe is: how do you get out from the inside? This is a legitimate question, especially given how secure the screens are. However, there is no need to fear. You can escape very quickly, thanks to Crimsafe-S-Cape®. Watch the video below to learn more

Can You Finance Your Crimsafe Installation?

Yes, you can finance your Crimsafe installation. Before we discuss financing, let’s talk about how much they cost. Each Crimsafe screen is customized to fit your doors and windows. This ensures that they fit securely. It is a premium product. The general starting cost is as follows:

  • Crimsafe windows: $450.00
  • Crimsafe doors: $2000.00
  • Crimsafe patio door and french doors: $3800
  • Crimsafe patio enclosures: $7500

We believe that investing in your home security pays off in the long run. Besides the high cost of replacing stolen goods, there is no price you can put on peace of mind. With that said, we do offer financing. Learn more about it here.

Why Your Home Needs Crimsafe Security Screens in 2022Crimsafe Examples

Want to see some examples of Crimsafe at work? Here are a few of the projects that we’ve completed:

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