Window Security Film for Offices

Window Security Film for Offices

The Benefits of Safety and Security Window Tint

No matter the kind of office you work in, if you have windows and glass doors, security should be important to you. Naturally, the ClimatePro team is keen to help you discover the benefits of safety and security window film. We’ve been installing window film or tint all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and have definitely seen our share of offices and workspaces. Why do we highly recommend security film for offices? Here are 3 good reasons.

Prevent Break-ins with Window Film

Security window film can help to prevent and delay break-ins. How? These films are made from very tough layers. Once affixed to glass, the layers add strength to what is normally very vulnerable. When someone tries to break the glass, the security film holds the glass in place. Even if it shatters, the film will hold the fragments together. This can delay entry by up to 90 seconds. If you couple security window film with other security measures, you will have a powerful theft deterrent on your side.

With and without safety window film. See the difference?

Natural Disasters & Security Film

While the Bay Area isn’t prone to hurricanes, other severe weather events like storms have caused property damage. Earthquakes are also a concern for many. Security window film offers a unique layer of protection during these events. Windows and doors without protection can easily break when branches, rocks, and other debris hit them. Broken glass is a hazard during a very challenging situation. By adding security film to your windows and doors, you can prevent the glass from posing a danger to occupants.

Protect your furnishing and your team with safety window tint.

UV & Anti-Fade Protection

Like many 3M window films, the security films we recommend, like the 3M Ultra Safety Film, can offer other benefits. For example, UV rays can cause fading and sun damage to your furnishings. Window film mitigates the impact of the sun, reducing UV rays up to 97%. Glare reduction is another benefit you can get from window tint.

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