Stay Comfy with Window Film

Stay Comfy with Window Film

Every home in the San Francisco Bay Area deserves window film. The ClimatePro team has been providing 3M window film for over 40 years and we’ve literally covered just about every kind of window there is. In this series of posts, we’re going to focus on residential window film for each room of your home. From kitchens to the garage, there are options that offer a number of benefits. We will give special attention to how window film can help both in the warm and cooler months in the San Francisco Bay Area. First, let’s talk about your sanctuary: the bedroom.


Why Choose Window Film for the Bedroom

Let’s discuss three reasons why you should choose window film for your bedroom. There’s privacy, comfort, and security. First, let’s talk about privacy. Since your bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, making it a private space is a must. Here is where window film can really help. In order for window film to be a good investment, it has to be of use both day and night.

You probably still want ample light during the day. Can you also have privacy at the same time? Yes, you can! For instance, 3M Night Vision films allow up to 35% of natural daylight to enter a room. Yet, thanks to a low interior reflectivity, you can still enjoy the view out by night. Plus, they have a warm tone to them, which adds to their visual appeal.


What about comfort? 3M Prestige 70 is a great choice for temperature control. It lets a lot of sunlight in while reducing infrared light by up to 97%. This means that you will have a room that is full of light and with much better temperature control. Controlling the temperature will help you lower your energy bill. Interestingly, not only does this film reduce heat in the warmer months, it helps to insulate your windows in the cooler months too.

When it comes to security, many don’t realize that window film can help make your bedrooms more secure. 3M Ultra Series is a popular film for residential customers. This type of film holds glass fragments together. That means that it reduces potential injury from flying glass during severe weather and break-in attempts

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