2021 Crimsafe Guide to Home Security

2021 Crimsafe Guide to Home Security

2021, 2020’s anxious sibling, is definitely a year for thinking about making our homes more secure. Our San Francisco Bay Area customers are a priority to us, so we want to make sure that you have what you need to make your windows and doors safer and more secure. Here are 5 ways that on how to make your home safer all year round.


Overview: 5 Steps for a Safer Home

  1. Add Lighting for Security
  2. Invest in a Security Systems
  3. Maintain Greenery and Shrubs
  4. Add Safety Film for Doors & Windows
  5. Invest in Crimsafe Security Screens


Secure Your Home with Lighting

First, let’s talk about lighting. One of the best things you can do to make your home more secure and to minimize burglary is to invest in good lighting. In order for the lighting to be effective, it needs to be in locations that matter most. This would include pathways or walkways, doorsteps, porches, and patios. Installing motion-detection lighting would be preferred in all these places.

In one survey conducted with burglars, many mentioned that lighting could be a deterrent, in conjunction with other theft-prevention methods. Randomly leaving the lights on didn’t seem as effective as having motion detection lighting. Other suggestions would be to use lighting strategically indoors in places that appear natural and to use smart lighting with remote controls.

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Invest in a Security System for your Home

Home security systems are becoming more common these days. Thanks to companies like SimpliSafe and Ring, these systems are becoming more affordable and accessible. Things to include would be doorbell cameras, door, garage, and window sensors. What can really be beneficial about these types of systems is that they can be monitored and controlled by apps. SimpliSafe can even be activated with your Apple Watch!

A professionally installed security system may be even more beneficial, especially if they are connected to emergency services.

Smart Greenery for Crime Prevention

Another suggestion to increase home security is to maintain your yard. Keeping your grass, bushes, and trees trimmed, can give your home the appearance of being well-maintained. Also, trimming bushes and shrubs that are next to your home provided fewer places for criminals to hide. One of the goals is to make sure your windows are clearly seen from the street. That way, if you incorporate a good lighting strategy, it won’t be wasted by obscuring the windows.

Window Tint and Home Security

As the Bay Area’s window tint leader, we know a thing or two about security window film. It is an excellent addition to your home security plan.  3M offers window tint that really can make a difference when it comes to safety and security. For instance, the Ultra Series is a tear-resistant film that can make your windows up to 7x stronger. Designed to hold glass in place, it slows down attempted break-ins and other extreme impacts.  It can slow burglars by 90 seconds, giving you time to secure your family and call for help.


Add Crimsafe to Your Security Plan

Customized for your window and doors, Crimsafe security screens are becoming more popular for Bay Area customers. Featuring tamper-resistant, stainless steel mesh that is proprietary, these screens prevent punctures and tears. Because of their superior design, they look stylish and less like traditional screens. You can see what they look like here. We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s Crimsafe specialists and would love to help you get started with your own installation.

By incorporating all 5 of these suggestions, you can create a more safe and secure home. Our expertise with window film and Crimsafe makes us an ideal partner with your security plan. Get a free estimate here or give us a call (707) 569-9098.

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