The ClimatePro Crime Prevention Guide 2021

The ClimatePro Crime Prevention Guide 2021

The ClimatePro team has helped thousands of San Francisco Bay Area residents and business owners with their crime prevention plan. Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in crime over the past few months. Here are some of the headlines that grabbed our attention:

While not all burglaries can be prevented, certain types like smash-and-grabs can be prevented or delayed with the right security measures. Our goal is to help our neighbors to protect themselves, their families, and their belongings. That’s why we offer a number of safety and security products that can make you, your home, and your business more secure. Here are some of the products available.

Safety & Security Products offered By ClimatePro:

  1. Crimsafe Security Screens & Doors
  2. Riot Glass
  3. Safety & Security Window Film
  4. Privacy Window Film

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Crimsafe Security Screens & Doors

This innovative security system has grown in popularity in the Bay Area and for good reason. Crimsafe security screens are customized to fit your doors and windows with precision. They feature a one-of-a-kind stainless steel mesh that is incredibly strong and tear-resistant. Tested to withstand all kinds of inclement weather, Crimsafe products are built to last. You also don’t have to worry about making an emergency exit from Crimsafe screens. Thanks to a unique Crimsafe-S-Cape® feature, you can get out in seconds.

Learn more about Crimsafe:

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Riot Glass: Outstanding Protection

If you want to protect your home and business from break-ins, Riot Glass is a must-have. As you can see from these videos, Riot Glass offers a line of defense that has saved countless businesses from being victims of theft from break-ins. It is also highly recommended for homeowners. What’s really great about Riot Glass is that it isn’t unsightly like bars or gates. They are extremely durable and UV resistant. Contact us for a custom quote.

Learn more about Riot Glass:

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Why You Need Security Window Film

One of the most requested crime prevention products in our catalog, security window film is an excellent choice for both homeowners and business owners alike. As the Bay Area’s top 3M Platinum Window Film dealer, we highly recommend a number of 3M films that offer incredible security and protection.

For example, the 3M Ultra Safety Series is one of the strongest security films we offer. It is made from nearly transparent layers, creating a tear-resistant film. Despite its strength, you still get amazing visual clarity.

These films are designed to hold glass in place during attempted smash and grabs or other forced intrusions. This prevents unauthorized entry and can give you the needed time for law enforcement to arrive. 3M Safety films can also protect you during earthquakes and severe weather events, too. See this film at work here.

Here are the security films that ClimatePro offers:

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Why Choose Privacy Window Film

Privacy film might not be first on your list for security, but keeping prying eyes from seeing into your home or office is beneficial. We offer a few options including frosted films, which work great in bathrooms and kitchens. Frosted privacy window tint can also be added to garage door windows. Not only can you cover windows on garage doors, but you’ll also be adding a layer of UV protection. For those who want complete privacy, you can choose blackout or whiteout films. These are especially popular with commercial customers.

Don’t forget that, like most 3M window films, privacy film also protects against UV rays. They can also save you money on your energy bills, too.

Let ClimatePro Help

Are you ready to bring these security measures to your home or office? Let the ClimatePro team help you. We are the most highly-rated window and door security company in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can get a free estimate here or give us a call (707) 569-9098.