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Transform your San Jose Home with 3M Window Tint

3M Night Vision Window Film for San Jose Homes, installed by ClimatePro

Did you know that ClimatePro offers home window tinting for San Jose? One of the centers for innovation and technology in California, San Jose residents deserve to have 3M window tint installed on their home windows and doors. San Jose gets over 250 days of sunshine every year. The summer season in San Jose, CA can be long, hot, and dry, with temperatures well above 90 degrees. Heat waves in San Jose are not uncommon. The combination of sunshine and warm days may mean that your San Jose home is unprotected from UV rays, fading, higher energy bills, and uneven cooling. Window tint, professionally installed by ClimatePro can help you from all 4.

The home you see in this post had 3M Night Vision film added to a number of its windows. Why is 3M Night Vision a great choice for San Jose homeowners? Why pick ClimatePro to handle your window tint installation. Read on to find the answers to both.

3M Night Vision Window Film for San Jose Homes, installed by ClimatePro

Why Choose 3M Night Vision Window Film 

The 3M Night Vision series of window films is a low-reflectivity product, designed to reduce heat and glare. By blocking up to 71% of the sun's heat, it has a warm appearance that blocks UV rays and helps to reduce energy costs. It's worth the investment.

3M uses nanotechnology to make sure the color remains stable for years to come. 3M Night vision films also offer superior scratch resistance. Since 3M Night Vision window film only allows 35% of the sun's rays into your space, you get reduced glare and eye strain.

See more homes transformed by 3M Night Vision film in Fairfield, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma.

Looking to add this film to your business? See an example of how we transformed a San Jose business with 3M Night Vision film here.

If you are looking for more security, 3M offers the Ultra Night Vision series. With this series of films, you not only get all the benefits of the original Night Vision film but you also get enhanced tear resistance. This makes the film difficult to break through, offering added protection from intruders and natural disasters that may cause broken glass. By holding the glass in place, 3M Ultra Night Vision film allows you added time to contact authorities or escape to safety.

3M Night Vision Window Film for San Jose Homes, installed by ClimatePro

Why Choose ClimatePro for San Jose

ClimatePro has served the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, for over 40 years. We are the most highly-rated window film and window tint company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can transform your home or office with films like 3M Night Vision.

Check out our completed projects here. Take our Window Film Selector Tool for a spin. Or get a free estimate here or give us a call 707-755-7337. We look forward to working together!

3M Night Vision Window Film for San Jose Homes, installed by ClimatePro


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