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What Can Window Film Do For Your San Francisco Home?

Transforming a San Francisco home with 3M Fasara Window film by ClimatePro.

What can window film or window tint do for your San Francisco home? What does window film look like from the inside vs the outside? These are two very valid questions for our neighbors in San Francisco. Really, the answers to both questions apply to most of the Bay Area. Let's answer both and then check out more inspiring homes in San Francisco that ClimatePro has transformed with 3M window film.

3M Prestige Films To The Rescue

Adding window film is a must if you have a home with as many windows as this one in San Francisco. Working with the homeowner, our team recommended 3M Prestige 50 window film. This film is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the sun without the damage it can cause. Sun control window films like 3M Prestige 50 blocks out harmful UV rays while reducing the sun's heat. What about reflection? Some homeowners worry that window film might make their windows act like mirrors. With 3M Prestige films, you get very low reflectivity. It also comes with a comprehensive warranty from 3M.

Want to know more about this film? When you are ready, contact us today.  The ClimatePro team is ready to help you start your window film journey. You can begin online by filling out our no-obligation Get Started form or by giving our friendly customer support crew at 707.755.7337.

Want to see more homes in San Francisco we've recently transformed with window film? Try this one, this one, and especially this one.


Transforming a San Francisco home with 3M Fasara Window film by ClimatePro.


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