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Window Tint for San Francisco Homes

Window Tint for San Francisco Homes by ClimatePro and 3M

Anyone who owns a home in San Francisco should have window tint or film on their glass windows and doors. Since every home has different window tint needs, it's good to have a pro on your side to match your home with the right tint. In fact, some homeowners even opt to have different window tints applied throughout their homes. For instance, this savvy San Francisco homeowner had the ClimatePro team install 3 different window tints.

First, we installed 3M Night Vision Window Tint on the kitchen, bedroom, and entry windows. This film is known for rejecting a lot of the sun's heat and light, creating a more cozy space. You can still see the outside world clearly while getting all the benefits of sun-protecting window tint.

The second film we installed was the ever-popular 3M Prestige 70 on the living room, office, and on a hallway skylight. This powerhouse of a window tint gives you great visual clarity, which is especially important in a city like San Francisco. The views out of this living room window are what San Francisco city dreams are made of! No homeowner wants to obscure their views of the city. 3M Prestige let's you keep the stellar views while providing top-notch UV protection. It's a great choice for San Francisco homeowners.

Lastly, we added a touch of style by applying 3M Fasara window film to the bathroom windows. This film gives you privacy while allowing a ton of natural light to bathe your bathroom. You can see the end results in the image below.

Window Tint for San Francisco Homes by ClimatePro and 3M

Window Tint for Your San Francisco Home

Can you create a better home with window tint? We say yes! The ClimatePro team would love to show you the options available. Call us at 707.755.7337 or fill out the free consultation form here. Want to see more San Francisco Bay Area homes transformed by window tint? Here you go:


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