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What Does Window Film Look Like From Outside?

Here's what 3M Prestige 70 Window Film looks like on the inside of a Kentfield, CA home.

What does window film look like from the outside? Does 3M Window film create daytime privacy? We will answer these two questions and show you a real-life example of what window film looks like from inside and outside a home in Kentfield, CA.

The stairwell in this lovely home has a giant window that we recently fitted with 3M Prestige 70 Window Film. Thanks to Alex Silva, our keen-eyed installation pro, we have some nice pictures to show you that highlight what window film looks like from both the inside and outside. As you can see, 3M Prestige provides a nice warmth to the interior. It reduces the impact of the sun and helps to create a home that has less glare, reduced heating and cooling costs, and more. Solar control window film really makes an impact on your home.

As for daytime privacy, the pictures speak for themselves. 3M Prestige 70 allows for an unobstructed view of the outside world while creating a nice amount of daytime privacy. What about nighttime privacy? Learn the facts by reading our post about creating privacy at night.

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Here's what 3M Prestige 70 Window Film looks like on the outside of a Kentfield, CA home.


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